About Brenda


Dr. Brenda Schaeffer is an internationally known author, psychologist, addiction specialist, and speaker with over 600,000 of her publications in print. More than a psychologist and author, Brenda Schaeffer is the friend next door you don’t mind telling your secrets to.  Described as warm, wise and down-to-earth, she radiates the soul and spirit of a sage, the experience of a highly-trained psychologist, and a playful curiosity.  She believes that daily challenges can be just the thing we need to wake up to a better life, and that psychotherapy can be movement forward on our soul’s journey.


In her published works—including the best seller, Is It Love or Is It Addiction? (now in ten languages); Love’s Way; Loving Me, Loving You; Love or Addiction? The Power of Teen Sex and Romance (a Nautilus finalist); The Healthy Relationships Series; and now her novel, Grip of the Hawk, she shows her gift of putting life and love adversities in street-smart language that a reader can easily identify with.  Drawing from years of personal, professional, and spiritual questioning, she offers fresh new perspectives on age-old questions.  She was reminded of the power of teaching life lessons through the medium of storytelling by studying indirect hypnosis with legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson M.D. Grip of the Hawk is her storytelling debut in novel format.


Her experience, knowledge, and realness make her an exceptional speaker and she has traveled the globe giving presentations in places such as Iceland, Chile, United Kingdom, and Canada.  She unites a wide range of topics in her repertoire, including bringing western psychology and world philosophies into her work and writing. She has appeared on hundreds of national and international television and radio shows, and has been quoted in numerous on-line media such as CNN.com, PBS.com, Match.com and WashingtonTimes.com. She has been featured in magazines such as Elle, New Woman, Cosmo, and Men’s Health.  


Dr. Schaeffer is available for interviews or to speak, and can be reached at info@brendaschaeffer.com.