Inspiration for Grip of the Hawk

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.                    __Ralph Waldo Emerson


In my previous blog I gave you a bit of my backstory on becoming a psychologist and author and even how I decided to add fiction to my non-fiction writing.  But where did I get my inspiration to write Grip of the Hawk? It came from within me.  I was my inspiration.  I wanted to convey an unfathomable portion of my life and the lessons learned without telling my story.

I am an experiential learner. There was a time when, like Dr. Rachel Julian, I was put to the test.  I had to look betrayal, evil and terror squarely in the eye, and not succumb to it. As a professional who is considered a guide to others, it is one thing to learn a theory, practice the theory, and teach the theory, but it is an entirely different matter to live it.  To walk the talk, they say.

In Is It Love or Is It Addiction? and Love’s Way I say that most of us have wounds of the heart and they hurt incredibly.  We might not realize it until a year or two or three down the road that the horrendous betrayal we suffered was exactly what we needed to shock us into a new reality and a more mature way of living and loving.  It is not easy to stay with the pain of trauma until the meaning of it shows up.  We humans are impatient and want the easy fix.  Well, there is no quick fix.  I think most of those who have turned to addiction, whether to a drug or a person, learn this.

The ending of a relationship with someone with whom we have shared love requires a total surrender, a kind of death. When we approach such events without shame, blame or endless analysis we find ourselves in a passageway to a better life.  We are not doomed nor are we a failure.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and to get to it requires that we dig deep within our self and find a faith and courage that we might have forgotten was there.   I did.

So what are some of the inspirational lessons I have learned through my life experience that are incorporated in the character of Dr. Rachel Julian, in Grip of the Hawk?

  • Evil exists and being naïve to this fact can harm us
  • There are important lessons in the shadows of life
  • There is such a thing as spiritual warfare
  • Trust our distrust when it comes from our intuition
  • Relationships are our greatest teachers
  • Life is a journey, not a destination
  • Love never dies; relationships die
  • We face life lessons alone but there is guidance if we are open to it
  • There is a bigger story we are a part of
  • If we want to live and love, we must never succumb to fear              

Though the inspiration to write came from within me, I am grateful to nature for providing the pristine setting in which to write.  It inspired the muse in me to keep on writing.