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Best Seller. The book that changed the way we think about intimacy. In this expanded third edition, Brenda draws on years of feedback to foster an understanding of love addiction:  what it is and is not, how to identify it, why it is so common, and, more important, how to break free of it. 

“Brenda is one of those gifted recovery writers whose works someday will be regarded as classic.”                                      — Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D.

“Her recommendations for Healthy Belonging are right on. An enthusiastic thumbs-up!                                           —Jennifer Schneider, M.D., Ph.D.

“Dr. Schaeffer, thank you for writing this book.  It saved my life.  I just wish I had read it earlier and maybe I would still be in my relationship.”                                                                                          —A real fan of yours


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This groundbreaking book explains why teens are more psychologically open to impressions of love, romance, and sex than at any other time. It features down-to earth advice, quizzes, answers, and teen stories.  Includes a bonus CD with music, stories told by teens, and chapter explanations by Dr. Schaeffer.  A Nautilus Book Award Winner

This book will be an eye opener for anyone, whether a teen or adult, who wants to understand how the gifts of sex, love, and romance can be appreciated or misused.”                               —Jennifer Schneider, M.D.,Ph.D.

“We are thrilled Dr. Schaeffer is taking her popular theme, love addiction, to another crucial audience:  teens, young adults, and those who care about them.”                                          —Don Serratt, CEO, Life Works, UK

“I picked this up for my sixteen year old daughter, but I read it and boy did I learn a lot.  I didn’t realize how much a teen is faced with.  I think I will be a better parent to my teen."                                 —A grateful mom

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Companion download to Love or Addiction: The Power & Peril of Teen Sex & Romance.  Stories from teens in their own voices and music from SOULFOOD that highlight the book chapters.


Love’s Way soars beyond the psychology of love addiction to become a guide to a modern love that does justice to the power and mystery of love itself.  In this book we learn that body, ego, soul, and spirit each have a challenging assignment to assure a vibrant twenty-first century love life.  Love’s Way tells us how trauma, betrayal, and loss of innocence leave our hearts raw and closed to a love that is right at our fingertips.

“Warm, personal, illuminating. Dr. Schaeffer weaves a rich tapestry of perspectives on the multidimensional nature of love—with and without a partner.”                                                       —Charlotte Sophia Kasl, Ph.D.

“One of Brenda Schaeffer’s contributions, is bringing in the role of the living, knowing spirit in the body.  Without this rooting, our relationships are built on a house of cards."                        —Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. 

“By far one of Dr. Schaeffer’s best books.  It caused me to look at love in a much bigger way.  The memos from love really made me stop and reflect.  So much to think about.”                                           —A Dr. Brenda fan

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These meditations take you on a journey to the wisdom of the body and the heart through deep relaxation, guided imagery and music from SOULFOOD.  They are inspired by the guided meditations Dr. Schaeffer uses in her workshops and work with individuals committed to living a life of wellness. 

"Powerful!  This unique blend of music and voice grounded me and gave me the presence of mind to more effectively execute in the business world."                                        — Tom Gegax, Business leader & Author

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